Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vindex Toys - Revisited

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Vindex Toy Company
(Farm Machinery)

   Vindex was a division of the National Sewing Machine Company.  National and the magazine, Farm Mechanics came up with an idea to sell more subscriptions to the magazine.  The idea was for children to promote and enlist magazine subscribers in return for getting farm machinery toys as rewards and incentives (Wikipedia). 

     Vindex also made other types of toys and promotions. You can find a great article, written by 
Mr. Bill Vossler about the history of the company at the link below:  

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   The toys are cast iron, which are one of my favourite types of toys. As I mentioned before, there's nothing like having a "heavy" toy in your hand to play with! As for the farm machinery toys, you have to realize that at the time farming was very important to the US, as well as providing many jobs (proportionally) to the total population of the US. The term "breadbasket to the world" was  related to the vast crop production of the US at those times (1920-1950), and even now!

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     I am always amazed at what the Net has done in terms of accessing knowledge and other areas of mankind. AS for myself, just writing this blog has been a real education. And I have to thank all of the kind and generous people-the Bertoias.  They have allowed me to write about them and use their photos to share with everyone dropping by to read this blog.

   The fact that many toys,especially these Vindex toys survive today says a lot about people and the Vindex toys. People liked them and kept them , passing them on from generation to generation,and eventually being sold at auction. That certainly says something about people and toys!

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Anonymous said...

Have Patent Drawings been found? For all Vindex Toys for Display use.

toysearcher said...


Thanks for writing. I don;t know the answer, but I can make 2 suggestions.

1. Go to the U.S. Patent Office and try a search
2. There are several websites that sell U.S. Patent "art". You can then search for Vindex or ask them