Friday, February 22, 2013

An Extremely Rare Britains Airplane

Friday, February 22, 2013

An Extremely Rare Britains' Airplane

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     I only learned about the British Brand "Britains" about 2 months ago. I had always wanted to write about lead soldiers, and thus Mr. James Opies from  Bonhams (the historic British Auction House) was able to assist me.  However, I didn't realize that Britains had also manufactured other items aside from their famous small lead model soldiers.

   Today, I wanted to write about "older" toys,and thus went searching onLive Auctioneers,and there was the image that I wanted - a beautifully sculpted  toy airplane from 1936. When you look on LiveAuctioneers on any page, the writing is small. Thus, I did not see the description of this listing until I started to scree-capture the images. I must be honest and admit that 1 of the parameters of the search was price, and thus I was looking for a higher-priced finish bid.

    From the written description by Morphy Auctions, this extremely-rate toy airplane wasonly made  in 1936, and there are barely a handful of them left. Moreover, this particular one comes with its box! THis one is so rare, that i t was even described in a book by the author  Geoffrey Randolph titles "Collecting Vintage Aircraft Toys".

    What caught my eye was the design of this model. It's beautiful to say the least, but in a simple yet dynamic way.  The recent modern diecast that I have been writing also have my liking, but in a different manner. With those, it's the extreme details that have gone into the manufacture. So without further narrative, I present to you a beautiful "Short Monoplane Flying Boat", that was a seaplane that landed and took off on water (the original of course).

  Of course, even a beautiful model or toy airplane will show better with proper photography. And as always, I'm always grateful when individuals or auctions houses take quality photographs. That saves me time in Photoshop enhancement, and the viewers, like you can see the items without realizing the effort needed to produce quality imagery.

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