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Dakotah Toys Ltd.- Parts for Farming Toys

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dakotah Toys Ltd.
Parts for Farming Toys

  I had always been looking for a toy parts supplier for farming toys. After all, it turns out that there are millions of farmers in the USA and the world. And as it turns out,  farmers like to collect farm toys. Personally, I'd like to be invited somewhere in the mid-west USA and ride all of those huge combines, threshers, bailers, and so forth - the "BIG" toys, but I digress.  A  couple of weeks ago, I decided to search for a  farm toys parts maker or supplier, and sure enough I found Dakotah Toys Ltd. When you do  a search, just remember that there is an "h" at the end of their name. 

  Yesterday, I got the "OK" from Shelley Terwilliger to go ahead and write the post. I had asked the company if they had larger-sized photos, but Terry replied that the company and herself were too busy to send me photos. So what I did, was remove the parts from their backgrounds, placed them in groups of 4, and added those shadows called "drop shadows" in Photoshop. THis allows you to see them a bit better, biut you can't make a photo larger and expect better results if you start with a small photo.

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Naturally,  I had to present some of the tractors that I had bought and sold on E-Bay.
At the time, I would make a montage of 4 images in order to save money on E-Bay costs. At the time, E-Bay allowed you 1 free photo, and every one after that was I think 25 cents or a package of photos for less. When you list 30 items a month, the costs would soar. Nowadays, E-Bay allows you up to 12 free photos for free. Of course, they probably changed their fee structure to recoup this loss of revenue.

That's another one of my toy photos. I though that this 1960's Hubley tractor was large, but as it turns out, there are 1:16 scale tractors with  replacement rims and tires from Dakotah Toys Ltd that are 12" ( 305 mm). Now that's big! I think the Hubley tractor measured 10" 255 mm) long.

   The company  has customized parts, as well as metal and plastic parts. Since I write mostly about old and antique toys, I decided to try and select the older metallic parts. Their parts also range in size from 1:64 to 1:16 scale, which certainly is a large selection. I haven't added the manufacturers names to the parts, but  Dakotah Toys Ltd. has many models from many different manufacturers. They also have lots of decals, as I'm sure  the "collectors" and their kids and grandkids are playing with these toys all of the time! I heard that one of the groundhogs saw its shadow or didn't, so spring will be early this year. I'm sure all of the midwest farmers are just raring to start the farming season once spring arrives!

The weather last week was +9 C (+ 50 F), and today it's -19 C (-2.2 F). I can't wait for spring!

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and bundle up if your in the western hemisphere, and use sunscreen if you're in the southern hemisphere.

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