Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sword - Precision Scale Models

Thursday,  February 14, 2012
               (Happy Valentine's Day)

Sword -Precision Scale Models

   One of the things that I've learned from writing a blog is that you have to have a positive outlook, and not to take rejection too seriously. 2 days ago, I went to a Canadian toy distributor here in Montreal, whom I had given a fair amount of business for model paints, files, brushes and other items for finishing old toys.  I also had played baseball with him and his brother.So I asked if I could borrow a few large-scale die-cast toys for an hour to photograph at home because I have a nice set-up. All I received was excuse after excuse and no, no, no. After 5 minutes, I know well enough to stop, and I said thank you and walked out. 

    I decided to visit a friend of mine who owns very successful company, and has a positive outlook on everything. He's also very hands on, and is always figuring out things. As an example, he once dropped his car keys down the manhole cover in front of my house. Within  a minute, he lifted the 80 pound iron cover, lifted his son (8 at the time) by his feet, and carefully lowered him to retrieve the keys. 

    Anyway, coming back to the story, I went to see him, because he has a positive outlook on life, and has a great sense of knowing people. Perhaps that's what you get running a large company and dealing with people. We went to lunch, I spoke to him about how he dealt with people like the toy distributor, and he cheered me up. 

    Flash forward to today, and I went to check my e-mail, and I saw an address with the name of Sword .  I opened the message, and I got a yes from  Mr. Chuck Sword .  That certainly is great news to start the day! Sword - Precision Scale Models is one of the manufacturers that I just discovered in the last 2 weeks. If you're following my blog, I  decided recently to see what modern-era toys or models are all about.  The name of Sword kept reappearing whenever I'd do a search for large-sized, die cast and quality toys in a search.  Of course, I got 100,000 hits for toy swords and so forth - you have to be precise when you sometimes do a search!

    Not only does Chuck Sword's company make fine toys, but he is also the owner of  DHD Diecast, which sells the Sword make of toys, and distributes many of the very fine European and American  toy manufacturers toys. Many of the "real "items that these manufacturers make, I've seen on the Discovery Channel. So to see these scale models on the Net is a real "treat".  I had to send another e-mail to Chuck Sword to ask if I can also use his images of the other manufacturers. Sometimes, I think I'm a real "pest", when it comes to my Blog and asking people for help.

    Returning to Sword - Precision Scale Models,  I have "enough on my plate" to keep me busy. I'm just going to write a bit for today. I thought I needed a break from the traditional old toys, so I haven't been writing 2 days ahead of the release date of my posts, as I usually do.

    Sword models  are for older children since there are a lot of smaller and finely-detaled smaller parts. The models are also for young-at-heart adults.  If I was a collector, My back yard would be a giant sandbox, and I'd be there all day with these magnificent models. It's truly unbelievable as to the types of models, the features and complexities that these models have.

(Please click on the above link to be redirected to the Sword website)
(Please click on the above link to be redirected to the Chuck Sword website)

Chuck Sword's blog appears quite new. He talks about the trade shows and latest arrivals at warehouse and offices. The photos there can be enlarged, so you get to see all of the detail!. However, I kept wanting to see more and more, and read more and more.   Chuck also goes to some OEM "real" manufacturers to see the "real" machines and trucks up close. Wow! 

However, I'm sure Chuck is so busy, he doesn't really have all the time he would like to provide to his blog. Maybe I can be a ghostwriter ,and come down to the warehouse and play , er, test and write about the models. I get the sense that Chuck Sword is as happy to receive new arrivals as I am to write about these fine toys .You have to look at those large-sized models!

These fine models are full of interesting detail such as the Brenner Tank Model

                          Truck Details:                                                        Trailer Details:

                    *   Doors Open                                                      * Full DieCast Design
                   * Engine Detail                                                      * Laser Etched Catwalk
                   * Realistic Rubber Tires                                        * Opening vents and Fill Covers
                   * Adjustable Fifth Wheel                                      * Adjustable Jack Legs

Scale:  1:50
SIze: (L x W x H)  7.5" x 2" x 2.75"   (191 mm x 51 mm x 70 mm)

                          Truck Details:                                                        Trailer Details:

                    *   Doors Open                                                      * Working Tarp
                   * Engine Detail                                                      * Air Line Details
                   * Realistic Rubber Tires                                        * Working Coal Door
                   * Wet Kit                                                                * Multi-Function Gate

Scale:  1:50

Scale:  1:50
Dimensions: ( L x W x H)  14" x 6.5" x 10"   (356 mm x 165 mm x 254 mm)

Dimensions and Weight: Some Samples

                          Upper Left                                                           Upper Right

                           Scale:   1:50                                                        Scale: 1:50
              Weight:       2 pounds  (.907 kg)                             Weight:   2 pounds  (.907 kg)
         Dimensions:    (L x W x H) 
        7 5/16" x 2" x 2 3/8" ( 187 mm x50 mm x 61 mm)

 What I found interesting is the fact that even though the scale is 1:50,  there is so much detail. What's even more interesting is that many owners of thes models are the people who actually drive or work with the "real" machines, or repair them as mechanics. If you read the reviews, the comments mention the accuracy of the paint colour or the amount of detailing and accuracy that is in the model. These collectors should know, since they work with the "real McCoy" on a regular basis!

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