Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Gong Bell Toy Company

Saturday, January 20, 2018
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The Gong Bell Toy Company

The Gong Bell Manufacturing Company was a famous toy bell company that was located in East Hampton, Connecticut, USA from the 1880's to the mid-20th century. It produced toy bells mounted on a platform with characters.The entire unit was pulled by a cord along the road, and as the toy moved, the small bell or bells would be struck or jingled by the animal attached to the bell, or by simple movement of the toy. One of the ways to identify these toys is to examine the wheels. If you  look closely oer magnify the images, the wheels all have heart shapes within the boundaries.

Today's presentation of toys are from the Max Berry Collection that was auctioned off by 
Bertoia Auctions on November 14-15, 2014.

Gong Bell Alligator and Man Bell Toy
Circa 1903
As the platform moves, the alligator "snaps" its' jaws
and the man moves.
Length:  9"  228 mm

Gong Bell Fire Toy Bell
Circa 1876
Length:  8"  203 mm

Gong Bell Drummer Boy Bell Toy
Very rare .
Circa mid 1880's
This toy yielded the highest bid of all these Bel toys.
Thje winning bid was $ 7200.00 US dollars  plus a buyer's premium
Length:  6"  152 mm

Gong Bell Are you a Buffalo Bell Toy
Length: 6"  152 mm

Gong Bell "Just Out" Bell Toy
Circa 1880
Only complete example known
Provenance: Bob Stewart Collection
Length:  6 1/2"  165 mm

The Billy's Bell Ringer
Embossed "No. 51 Billy's"
Length:  5 1/2"  140 mm
Gong Bell Centennial Bell Toy
From the 1776-1876 Centennial of the U.S.A.
Provenance:  L.C. Hegarty Collection
Original flag
Length:  8 1/4"  210 mm

Gong Bell Alligator Bell Toy
Very Rare
Perched on leaf pattern base
Length:  6"  152 mm

These toys were very popular in the 1880's-1920's.
Later on, the company had to compete with the inexpensive imports from post-war Japan.
At that time, the company was still strong in sales, but was making their updated toys from wood,
and could not compete with the inexpensive imports.

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