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Britains Toy Soldiers

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Britains Toy Soldiers

I wrote to Old Toy Soldiers Auctions USA because that is their specialty at auctions. Not only that, but they had very good photos. However, the  final reason is that they took their model soldiers out of the box to photograph them! Most of the time, the soldiers from most auctioneers remain in their box. They're held together by a cord, so it is a lot of work to remove the soldiers, photograph them, and then place them back in order in the box.

For today's post, this auctioneer was privileged to have the collection of Mr. Arnold Rolak, a very renowned collector of Britains model soldiers. I also selected the toy soldiers from day 2 of the auction. Mr. Rolak's collection was exceptional, and many people, authors, and companies would ask for permission to photograph his exceptional collection.

In their own words

Day 2 is the heart of the Rolak Collection. Mr. Rolak was known for exceptional condition and great rarities, especially from the Britains 1883 catalog. The day starts with some near mint examples of Pre War Britains, climaxing with a beautiful Royal Marine Light Infantry Band, then transitions into the early toys highlighted by the Britains Blondin Cyclist. A very nice selection of Civilian and Comic figures are then offered, along with some Heyde highlights.

Britains Set # 1622 Royal Marine Light Infantry Band
Exceptionally rare and  desirable, this is considered to be
the ultimate Britains band! Pre-War. Unboxed

Britains Set Q# 39 Royal Horse Military
1st version. Rear seated gunners.
Circa 1896.
Provenance: Bill Miele Collection, Dmitru Ilyinsky Collection.
The finest known example in protective archival box.
13 pieces/

Britains Set # 1439 Mammoth Circus Roundabout
With original box. The rarest and most desirable of all Britains civilians.
Circa 1936

Britains Rare Set # 1521 British Biplane & Hanger
Rarest production  aircraft after the "flying boat".
Comes with the rare box art.

Britains Set A# 10 Salvation Army Men
Unboxed (no box) Extremely rare set.
The best known example known.
Circa 1906
8 pieces

Britain's Royal Marine Colour Party
Types of the British Navy. Extremely rare specialist  paint set 
made exclusively for Hamsley's Department Store.
Circa 1938.
In original  Types of the British Army box with tie card,
including letter of Provenance from the James Opie Collection. 
The finest known example.

Britains Set A#6 Royal Scots Greys
Extremely rare large scale Germanic  version.
Circa 1893
6 pieces (no box).
This exact set is pictured on the cover of The Great Book of Britains by James Opie.
Mr. Opie was the specialist at, I believe Sotheby's. He's a world-renowned specialist
on the subject of toy soldiers.

Britains Blondin Cyclist
Extremely rare.
Early Britains toy with mechanism to make 
the cyclist move in a circle. Unboxed

Britains Miniature London Road Loader
Original Box and smoke stack.
Circa 1885
2 pieces

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