Friday, January 5, 2018

A New Toy Seller Helps Me Out

Friday, January 5, 2018
Overcast with strong winds
-20 C   -4 F

A New Toy Seller Helps Me Out

It's the new year, and lately we've had -15 to -23 C up here in Montreal. With a wind chill factor added, that will certainly free your nose off. We put our 16 year old dog Buddy outside, so that he doesn't have to walk very far in the cold and snow.  Fortunately, it is going to get warmer next week.

That will give me more time outside for shopping, since nobody likes to shop in blizzards!

In His Own Words:

Good Afternoon - Stacey , 
You have my permission to use my toy photos for you blog. You may improve photos with Photoshop but not change the contents of my photo's and you can and I also add a link my ebay store. I've been in the antique business on and off for the last 40 years. Now I'm retired and just collect. I add some pictures of about 1/3 of my collection.
 Always hunting.
Hardy Littleton



Made in JAPAN.  YONEZAWA . Friction works , No missing parts. Excellent condition. All 4 Propeller spin when runs!  
About 19" (482 mm) Wingspan & 15" (381 mm)  Long.

The toy was made in 2 sections and came apart. To assemble the 2 parts, 
the underbelly of the toy was shown, and the wing then 
fitted into an opening there. A small lever was then turned to keep the 2 parts together. 
When the toy was moved on the ground, the wheels turned the propellers. 

Some information about the Yonezawa toy company


The logo for Yonezawa Toys.
Yonezawa Toys (米澤玩具 Yonezawa Gangu) (known also as Yone or simply Y) was founded in the 1950s in Tokyo. It was one of Japan's largest and most prodigious post-war toy manufacturers and an early participant in the growing radio control market.
The company and focused on the production of thousands of different electrically operated and mechanical toys through the early 1970s. Some were branded not as Yonezawa but as STS. It is unclear as to the origin of the STS label, but it is presumed to be that of an importer. Yonezawa briefly dabbled in radio control in the mid-1980s with the introduction of the 1/10-scale Wave Hunter buggy, sold in North America as the Monogram Lightning.
Under Sega’s leadership, Yonezawa Toys was briefly known as Sega-Yonezawa until the Yonezawa branding was dropped entirely in April 1998. Once Sega Sammy Holdings was formed, Sega Toys was reorganized under Sega’s entertainment contents business.*

This particular is in great shape considering it's about 60-65 years old.
These more modern toys are somewhat rare, and as such, this particular one 
is selling in the 4 digit numbers (U.S. Dollars)!

You should have a look at Hardy Littleton's ebay store.
He most certainly has lots of interesting toys for sale!

Thanks for dropping by,
Stacey Bindman

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