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An Unbelievable ebay Seller

Tuesday, January 23,2018
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An Unbelievable ebay Seller

It's not often that you visit an ebaseller page and you find not only a great collection of very old (Antique) toys, but that you find fantastic photography. Naturally, I wrote the person to get their permission to use their photos and written descriptions. Her name is Anastasia K. From Anastasia's  ebay's store name, you  know that she specializes in cast iron and tin toys.She does sell other type's toys as well.

In Anastasia's Own Words

Hi Stacey,

Thank you for reaching out! I am very familiar with your blog, I have visited it many times. I really enjoy the photos and info that you give on these old toys, so thank you for the great site.

As far as permission to use my photos, you are more than welcome to use any photos/info that I provide. 

I also use the George Brown Sketchbook to identify a lot of his toys, for example the tin cottage banks I have. Otherwise like you, auction houses like Bertoia, Morphy's and Lloyd Ralston's is where I will find a lot of my info. I actually live very close to Bertoia so they are my primary source. 

Regarding this toy, I have had it for quite some time, so I am not 100% sure where I found the info on it. I really like this one so I have marked it's price really high because I am in no rush to sell it lol. If I have a toy that I can not find a reliable source on, I will just title it "early American tin" or early tin toy" etc. I am primarily a dealer but also collector, but not an appraiser. So I always rely on info from catalogs or auction houses that employ appraisers with the knowledge base.

A link/mention of my eBay page would be most appreciated, but I'm just happy to contribute to your great blog!

Thanks so much and please feel free to reach out anytime with questions or just to talk shop.

Anastasia K.

A Great Reference Book

I purchased this "reproduction" book on ebay
It was reproduced by Lloyd W. Ralston and F.H.Griffith in 1966. 
 It's a great resource!
The catalogue is from  1902 & 1903 catalogues.

"Kicking Mule Bell Ringer"
As the pull toy moves, the weight at the end of the mule moves
and kicks the bell, causing it to ring.
Circa: 1902-1903*

Please have a look at the last photo. Thanks to Anastasia's fine photos,
if you look at the last photo above,  you will notice the "NO 42". 
I just learned that some of the 
larger and more complicated toys each has a number on it.

Title: The Bell Ringers
No 24.
As the toy is pulled, the 2 figures move, causing the bell
to sway back and forth, causing the bell ti ring.
Circa: 1902-1903*

 "Are You a Buffalo?"
# 57
This is a pull toy, and as the toy is pulled,
the buffalo swings back and forth and rings the bell
Circa: 1902-1903*
*The toys on this page might have even been made earlier than the date that I
entered, which is the date the original catalogue was issued

The middle image is the Road Phaeton. 
The toy came in 2 models, but I don;t know which one the
image from ironandtinvtg is.

Cast Iron
Circa 1900's
Length 10"  (254 mm)

The sulky (below) is in exceptional condition. 
Perhaps it was never sold and was found 
at the closing of the Kenton factory.

Cast Iron and Nickel-plated wheels
# 150
Length:  7 1/2"  190 mm
In mint condition with original box

This was an interesting post to write, and I didn't have to whiten the foundation
 and background in Photoshop, since Anastasia K. had taken such beautiful photos.
Moreover, I learned that many of the larger platformed cast iron toys 
had their catalog number on the platform.

Thanks for visiting,
and have a great part of the
day or night, wherever you may be.

Stacey Bindman

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