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I had seen this ebay and private seller's stores many times before, and was greatly amazed. About 3 years ago, I sent an e-mail to the owner, but something happened. I either didn't read the reply, or I never heard from the owner. So a few days ago (stubborn as I am), I decided to send an other e-mail - what did I have to lose. Lo and behold, I heard from Mr. Paul M. Hesser and I got his permission. Embarrassingly, Mr. Hesser write to say that he most likely had sent a reply, with the "OK" to use his very-fine photos and to write about him and his website, and  ebay store.

Paul's Photo on his website

In Mr. Paul Hesser's own Words:

" Welcome to my site. My goal is to bring you the highest quality toys, banks, fine art, Americana and other antiquities from the 19th and early 20th centuries, from some of the top collections in the world. All of our items are GUARANTEED to be original antiques, as described. You will not see reproductions, or fakes here. Many of the items are represented by the top collectors in their fields of expertise.
This site is for people who want the best, investment quality antiques. My mission is to gain your trust. I will take the initiative to describe and display items correctly. I will stand behind them for quality and authenticity, and they will not be bundled in with reproductions or other misrepresented items.
The name DAKOTApaul came about from my previous company Dakota Design, an advertising, marketing & internet development company. Although, many picture me as a mid-western, with a cowboy hat, I’m actually from the Philadelphia area where I’ve spent most of my life. I am married with three children (three teenagers!), and have a passion for collecting antiques. This began over 15 years ago, and has grown ever since. I am currently a member of SBCCA (Still Bank Collectors Club of America) and TCA (Train Collectors Association)."

Below:  The many different categories of old toys for sale

A screen-capture of the cast iron toys that are currently for sale on Paul's website

A few examples of the many different toys that are available for sale.

As you can see, the toys  are in very good shape. Paul is quite particular as to the level of rarity, condition and quality of the toys that he finds that are for sale. Another interesting fact about Paul, is that he has a few YouTube videos. You can find then by going to YouTube, and typing in Dakota Paul toys.

Another way to find Paul on YouTube is to click on n the link below:
Please click here to visit one of Paul's interesting YouTube videos
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