Saturday, January 27, 2018

Another Beautiful Omnibus

Saturday, January 27, 2018
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Another Beautiful Omnibus

 My previous blog post was about Dan Morphy's exceptional Omnibus.
So I decided to do a search on Liveauctioneers and found another fine toy from Bertoia Auctions.

France, circa 1890, impressive scale and detail, hand painted tin example has stunning attention to fretwork and fully railed steps on both sides of top deck, destination side boards read, "Ville de Marseille รข Longchamp + Joliette," this piece is truly museum quality and a rarity in the offering from the Max Berry Collection, the two horses drawing this tram molded in true scale and meticulous embossing appeal. Mint & Box Sale example. 
Length 42 inches 166 mm

I can't believe how large this toy is! 42" or 166 mm long. It's truly exceptional, and I'm sure the toy was very expensive in the 1890's. Whomever received such a toy much have been very happy. Then again, how would a young child get the toy out of the house - the toy was probably even taller than the boy or girl who received it!

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