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A Rarer Wooden Hubley Taxi

Saturday, January 6, 2018
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A Rarer Wooden Hubley Taxi

Rare Vintage Big 1940s Buddy L Sky View Cab 18.5" L Wooden Toy Car Complete
This rare wooden toy was produced by Buddy L, famous for their large scale pressed steel toys.  During a short period of time in the 1940s, due to WWII, Buddy L produced toys from wood due to the steel demand for the war.

This cab is huge, measuring just about 18-1/2" ( 470 mm) Long!  The entire body is made from wood and features: opening side doors, opening trunk, original sliding plastic roof panels, interior original plastic windows/windshield, original metal hood ornament, original rubber tires on metal rims, and the wooden Taxi sign on the roof.   The door and trunk handles look a bit new.

Measures approx. 18-1/2" (470) Long x 5-1/2"(140 mm) W x 6" (152 mm) H 

During World War II, the U.S. government issued an order limiting the use of metals.
As a consequence, the toy industry was one of the industries affected. This
subsequently affect toys, whereby the former metal toys would now be 
made mostly from wood. I've seen other wooden toy cars  made by the Buddy L company, 
and I've also written about them. 
The link is below:

Below is a link to a great resource for wooden toy, with the link
going to a page full of old WWII toys. The name of the website is Old Wood Toys.

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