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Gunthermann Mechanical Characters

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Gunthermann Mechanical Characters

When you visit  liveauctioneers, you are able not only to go to the latest auction, but you are
capable of visiting their past auctions. I'm writing about Bertoia Auctions' June 3, 2017 auction today. There, I found many Gunthermann tin wind-up toys , with some being able to produce music.  I was surprised, because I don't ever think that I wrote about these toys. So I looked through this auction, and decided to write about them for today. All of today's toys are either hand-painted or lithographed on tin.  They also have mechanical wind-up movements that allow them to move the characters, and in some cases to even play music.  Most of these toys were in high demand  at this auction, and all were in fact sold in the 4-digit prices! 

Gunthermann Clown See-Saw Toy (Germany)
Hand-painted clockwork tin toy featuring the centre toy being able to 
roll back and forth on his small cart, with music emitted from the box
on the platform base.
L x W:  14" x 4"   (365mm x 102 mm)

Gunthermann Whimsical Animals Swing Toy
Very charming German tin toy, hand painted and clockwork driven, features a dressed standing dog who appears to rock his friend the dressed frog in a swing, all the while a performing poodle spins on a disc table, a very unusual tin toy. 10" (254 mm) width

Gunthermann Jiggs Bumper Car
Extremely rare example, c. 1926, 
lithographed tin amusement style toy ride, 
seated Jiggs character, clockwork driven, 5" (127 mm) width

Gunthermann Dog Trainer

Wonderful early hand painted toy of dog trainer and dog, plink-plank mechanism, when activated dog trainer raises his arms which hold a training stick and the dog with spring tail jumps up, nice form and movement. 8" ( 202 mm) height

Gunthermann Mutt and Jeff Clockwork Toy
Litho tin wind up toy, working, c. 1925, made in Germany, great form. 
At one time considered almost rare but a few have surfaced in the last 20 years and now considered hard to find. 6" (152 mm) length.

Musical Gunthermann Clown Toy
Hand painted whimsical toy features large seated clown at center holding leash for the pig, as the clockwork motor is activated, the large wheel rolls causing the small clown riding a pig to run and the entire toy revolves on the floor and plays a tune. 8 1/2" (216 mm) height .

Gunthermann Dancer and Flutist
Germany, early hand painted example, bright colors, clockwork activates twirling motions of dancer as plink-plink sounds emit from shared base, dancer depicted in classic ballerina cloth tutu, clown musician seated on bass drum. 9" ( 228 mm) height

Gunthermann Musician Toy - Violin & Banjo
Germany, hand painted tin toy, clockwork allows plink-plink music, 
depicts two minstrels seated in chairs 
with instruments in hand, a rare and desirable piece. 9" (228 mm) width.

Gunthermann Cat Violinist
Hand painted tin in impressive original conditon, clever plink-plank toy, 
depicts cat playing violin while his tail moves in rhythm, red base has some flaking primarily to one side, otherwise in uncommonly strong condition and bright colors. 7 1/2" (191 mm) height.

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