Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cast Iron Doorstops

Tuesday, January16, 2018
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Cast Iron Figural Doorstops

You've probably read many of my posts about cast iron toys. However, most interestingly, these companies manufactured other products. They produced hardware for houses. This would include door hinges and door locks.  They also produced doorstops. Back in the 1870's and later on, houses weren't built  as well. Many houses also were quite old, so settling of the houses into the ground created some problems. One of these problems was tilting. This might not have been so apparent from the outside of the house, but inside, the doors often would slam into walls if the doors didn't have doorstops. So,doorstops were manufactured to keep the doors against the wall or keep them at any angle needed (such as when keeping the front door open for fresh air in the summertime. Being made of cast iron, these doorstops were heavy, and you had to watch out to ensure that you didn't smash your toes or foot against them! These items are very desirable as collectibles, and can be seen at flea markets and at auctions. The category of these collectibles is Cast Iron Figural Doorstops, as they were manufactured in many common forms, as you can see below. I've only taken a "sampling" of these fascinating items, but if you go to Liveauctioneers, you will see many of these items listed at auctions.

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