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Introducing The Tin Toy Car Company

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Introducing the 
TinToyCar Company

I was doing a Google search for tin toys when I discovered the Tin Toy Car company. Naturally, I went to the site and found a well-organized and well-photographed website. As I started to browse the site,  I found lots of nice tin toys that I assume are rare due to their their prices.  Also, the important thing was that the owner specifically added  the words "Original Tin Toy" to each toy that was original, compared to knockoffs (reproductions).  These "knockoffs" might have been copied and produced later on in places such as China.

The website of the Tin Toy Car company  is organized by the type of toy produced. The categories are Cars, Robots, Space Toys, Motorcycles, Pedal Cars, and "Others". The "Other" category contains such tin toys as airplanes, tanks, human figures , and busses. Of the categories, each one is  organized as to battery, windup, friction, and parts.

The 1950's and  1960's were the golden age of Japanese Tin Toys. The 1940's and 1950's
were the start-up after WWII. During this time, many new Japanese toy companies were created to manufacturer toys. The world had returned to normal after WWII, and Japanese toy manufacturers were producing loads of toys. The American manufacturers had a hard time, as they simply were having a hard time competing with the Japanese competition. The Japanese could make toys at a much lower price. What surprised me most was the value of these toys.  The Masudaya MT toy below must be very rare, as the asking price is $ 6500.00 US dollars. Of course, not all 1950's-1960's Japanese toys are valuable or rare, so it's best to consult with a used toy seller who sells these toys!

Masudaya MT Japan (Very Rare)
Giant Sonic Robot
Battery Operated
Original Tin Toy Robot
Length: 15"  38 cm

Bandai Meguro Japan
BMW 500 Friction Motorcycle
Original Tin Toy Motorcycle
Circa 1950's
Length: 12"  30.5 cm

Bandai  Space Jet Vehicle X-001
Battery Operated
Original Tin Toy Space Car
Circa 1960's
Length:  10.25"  26.2 cm

Nomura T.N. Motorcycle Patrol
Original Tin Toy Motorcycle
Circa 1960's
Length:  8"  20cm

Alps Lincoln
Futura Concept Car With Box
Friction Original Tin Toy Car
Circa 1950's
Length:  11"  28 cm

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