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The Martin Auction Co

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The Martin Auction Co

About the Martin Auction Co

The Martin Auction Co is located in Anna, Illinois (USA) and is at the southernmost tip of the state. The company under Mr. Red Martin has been in business for 48 years.  The company
prides itself in bringing the very best in antique furniture, glassware, and collectibles.

When you are searching for the Martin Auction Co, please be sure to type in the search  area 
"Martin Auction Co". The reason for this is that there is another company with the same name but is called Martin Auction Company with the word company spelled in full. What you don't want to do is mix the 2 companies up.

 Martin Auction Co is affiliated both with  Auction Zip, and Liveauctioneers. You can find their current auctions and past auctions on Liveauctioneers.

While I was looking for toys on liveauctioneers,   I find  that the Martin Auction Co had a very good amount of tin toys. These toys were made in the 1850's-1890's's and later in the USA. What I like about these very old toys, and true "antiques" is their simplicity. They remind me of American folk art. Two of the more famous companies at the time that made these toys were Altoph Bergmann and George Brown.   However, in this auction, none of the toys have been identified by the name of the company that manufactured them. I would think that there were a lot of minor  other companies who also produced these toys.

 Large Early Tin Wagon & Horse Toy
Circa 1880's - 1890's
Painted tin with iron wheels
Length x Width:  20" x 7 1/2"  (509 mm x 191 mm)
(Sold for $ 474.00 US)

Early Tin Horse & Rider on Platform Toy
Pull toy with wheels
Length x Width:  4" x 3 3/4"  (102 mm x 95 mm)
Painted tin with iron wheels

Earlt Tin Delivery Wagon & Horse Toy
Length x width:  11 1/2" x 6"  ( 292 mm x 152 mm)
Painted tin with iron wheels

Early Tin Horse and Cart Toy
Length x Width:  16" x 6 1/4"  (405 mm x 159 mm)
Circa 1880's-1890's
Painted tin with iron wheels

Earlt Tin Goat on Platform Toy
Circa 1880's - 1890's
Length x height:  7" x 9" ( 178 mm x 228 mm)
Mobile toy with wheels
Painted tin

Early Tin Key Wind Locomotive Toy
Unpainted tin with iron wheels
Length x width: 8 3/4" x 6"  (217 mm x 152 mm)

Early  Toy Train
Circa 1880's
Each car measures  6 1/4" (158 mm)
Painted and stencilled on tin

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