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The Rarest of them all (Donald Kaufman Collection)

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The Rarest of Them All
(The Donald Kaufman Collection)

From March of 2009 to April 2011, this timespan was set for the Donald Kaufman Collection to be auctioned off. There were other collections being sold off, but Mr. Kaufman's collection was the premier one. Mr. Donald Kaufman, a famous collector of old and antique toys was selling his vast collection of toys. He was one of the best toy collectors both in the USA and the world. There would be 5 sessions spanned over a period of almost a week's time to auction off the exceptional collection of toys. 
Sadly, Mr. Kaufman would pass away at the age of 79 several years later. 

If you google "Donald Kaufman toy collector" or even "Donald Kaufman", there will plenty of search results on this famous person and his toy collection.


Germany, c. 1912, considered by every book catalog the finest in Marklin's range of toy perfection. It is a stunning masterpiece in overall detail, from bright hand painted open frame with exposed boiler, to its many added appointments; it is a pleasure to present this museum quality example from Don's shelves. Powered by live steam and produces pressure to release water from valves, the intricate gear work in open frame is a marvel of ingenuity, side hose reel frame repaired, one small door handle replaced, an all original piece. It has been noted that less than five are known of to date. Figures added to truck. Length: 18" 457 mm

I'll leave it up to you to find the final bid on this toy. Suffice to say, the result was more than was expected at this auction. I would highly recommend that you visit Bertoia Auctions on their website or  Bertoia Auctions on Liveauctioneers. This was one of the finest toy collections ever to be auctioned off, and Bertoia Auctions was granted the collection for this famous auction!

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