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Rubber Toy Vehicles Revisited

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Rubber Toy Vehicles Revisited

Rubber toys were made in the 1930's and 1940's. Molds were made in the shape of the toy, the melted rubber was  poured into the mold, allowed to cool off, then removed. Later, these toys would be painted. The main rubber toy companies were Auburn Rubber Company , Sun Rubber Company, and  the Barr Rubber Company. 

I've written about rubber toys before, so if you do a search in the upper right corner for the manufacturer's name or the words "rubber toys", 
you should be able to be redirected to the previous post.

Auburn 1930's Military Motorcycle with Sidecar
Length:  3"  76 mm

Barr Rubber Ford Stake Truck
Circa: 1935
Length:  4 1/2"  115 mm

Barr Rubber  Ford US Army Truck
Circa 1935
Lenght: 4 3/4" 126 mm

Auburn Rubber 1940's Military Tank
4 1/4"  118 mm

Sun Rubber  Woodie  Stationwagon
Length:  3 5/8"  92 mm

Sun Rubber 1930's Super Charged Coupe
Length:  4"  102 mm

When I was buying and selling toys on ebay, I managed to purchase a few of these toys.
What I like about them is that they were made of rubber. The rubber is quite flexible and bouncy, although I would advise not twisting the toy.

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