Sunday, January 31, 2016

Still More Hubley Motorcycles

Wednesday, February 17, 2016
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Still More Hubley Motorcycles

   On January 30, 2016, I had presented 4 very nice Hubley cast iron motorcycles. However, there were plenty more motorcycles remaining to be shown, so I decided to add them for today.

What's of interest is to see the vast collection of so many different motorcycle toys. Obviously there was a demand for the variety and the specific type of toy - the motorcycle. The toys would come in different colours and sizes, and could be single or double riders (driver and passenger). There were also the civilian and police variations, as well as the cart - open and closed.  Some versions came with rubber tires, while others had nickel-plated wheels for tires.

I've just presented the Hubley motorcycles, but there were other manufacturers such as Champion and Kilgore that also produced cast iron motorcycles. Even into the 1930's and slightly later, these heavy toys were still being manufactured for the toy market. That obviously shows you just how popular the "real" motorcycles seen on the street, and the "toy" motorcycles were at the time.

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