Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Toonerville Comics as a Toy

Saturday, January 2, 2016
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The Toonerville Comics as a Toy

    From the 1880's-1950's one could open a newspaper and be entertained by whole pages of comics (Cartoons). Gradually, times changed, and today, so have the comics. The comics are fewer, and naturally reflect the times of the 21st century.

  One of the cartoons was "Toonerville". The cast of characters in those days could be typecast in a myriad of ways, because "politically correct" were words not yet invented. SO cartoonists were somewhat free to portray people in their more natural state and even exaggerate them.

"Characters and story                                                                    The single-panel gag cartoon (with longer-form comics on Sunday) was a daily look at Toonerville, situated in what are now called the suburbs. Central to the strip was the rickety little trolley called the "Toonerville Trolley that met all the trains," driven in a frenzy by the grizzly old Skipper to meet each commuter train as it arrived in town. A few of the many richly formed characters included the Terrible-Tempered Mr. Bang, the Physically Powerful Katrinka, Little Woo-Woo Wortle, Aunt Eppie Hogg (The Fattest Lady in 3 Counties) and Mickey McGuire, the town bully."*


Eppie Hogg in Auto

Germany, very rare example, lithographed tin, depicts portly Eppie Hogg in rear open bed of auto, driven by_____, clockwork activated. 
Length:  7" (  177 mm). Brown paint dress highlights probably factory, repaint to back of Eppie's head.*
* Description & Photos courtesy of Bertoia Auctions

The Old Skipper is  the name of the character driving the car below.

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