Sunday, January 31, 2016

An Excellent E-Bayer Revisited

Monday, February 22, 2016

An Excellent E-Bayer Revisited

   A while back, I was perusing ebay when I was attracted to some nice photography. As I expanded my search, I came across excellent photography, even for low-priced items. Naturally, this had to be a post, and so I wrote Malinda Trollinger for permission.  As it turned out, Malinda was helping sell her father's toy collection and other collectibles that he had amassed over a wide span of time.

   If you've been following me recently, I've been doing a "retrospective", and have been researching old posts to revisit old friends and to write about them. And so for today, I present to you Malinda Trollinger.

1934 Tootsietoy Ford Sedan.
Length:  3"  ( 76 mm)

Tootsietoy was a company that rivalled the British Dinky toy company. It was an American company that produced small-sized die cast toys for the market. Cars were especially popular, and with a low price, children could collect many cars to play with. The company existed from the 1920's - 1960's and eventually succumbed to the times, higher labour costs in the USA, and to the Aisian marketplace.

What I like about Malinda's photography jus that even for a lower-priced item, she takes the time and makes the effort to present the toy in its best manner, and to illustrate the features of the toy. 

That's dedication, and  "setting the bar high" 
(an American expression meaning high standards are set).

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