Saturday, January 9, 2016

T Reproductions- Some Recent New Discoveries

Saturday, January 9, 2016
Overcast and warm (6 degrees C / 41 degrees F)

T Reproductions
Some Recent New Discoveries

   I was searching for some new material to write about when I found a quartet of excellent-condition T-Reproduction toys. For those who don't know "T Reproductions" is or was a company that manufactured the older "Buddy L" toys (USA) that were originally manufacture red in the 1930's and later.  When a manufacturer closes down their business, a new manufacturer can ask for permission to reproduce the originals under license and payment. However, if the business closes down, and the name is not continued over the years through registration with the appropriate government agency, then the new manufacture may reproduce the toys without permission or licensing fee.

   What makes the T Reproductions toys so interesting is that they were price fairly high compared to the toys from the 1930's, yet collectors purchased them in good numbers to make them quite in demand. In the bidding, one of the toys was even listed to sell between $ 1000.00-$1500.00 US.

You can see how well-made these toys are. Also, their reproduction was very faithful to the original toys. I believe these new reproductions came with name plates with the T Reproductions name.

Interestingly, the basic cab is identical in all 4 of the toys. What changes is the moving parts and pieces for each of the 4 different railroad toys.

So that's it for this rare warm January up here in Montreal.

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