Saturday, January 23, 2016

Some Highlights for Nette Auctions on January 23, 2016

Saturday, January 23, 2016
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Some Auction Highlights for
Nette Auctions
on January 23, 2016

For those who don't know, Nette Auctions is one of the premiere toy train auctions in North America. They conduct lots of auctions throughout the year, as is the case today. However what I did notice were some non-train toys, and that's what I decided to post about today.


Arcade Airport, Tootsietoy Planes
Includes a scarce Arcade airport building, which still retains its original decal, 
Tootsietoy dive bombers, missing a tire
Postwar (1945+)
12.5" x 7" x9"    317mm x 178 mm x 229 mm

What's interesting here is the rarer Arcade airport station.

Nice Schieble Fire Pumper
Clean 1915 era toy that still retains over 80% of its paint and its original cast iron driver is present.
It has its hill climber mechanism and shows moderate play wear. 

For 101 years old, this toy is fairly good condition. THese toys are called hill climbers because they came with a friction motor. As such, they were able to easily climb hills with much ease.

Scarce Buddy L Wooden Coca-Cola Truck
Tough piece, 1st for us! It is 20" (508 mm) long, painted and recalled wood.  
It has good colour and just is missing its windshield and rear door knob. Scarce toy.

During WW II (1939-1945), when the USA entered the war, the government initiated laws for limiting metal being used in non-vital manufacturing. As such, toy manufacturers used lots of wood to replace metal.

Scarce Large Converse Floor Train
Circa 1905
Largest version, painted and paper-litho on ton floor toy. It has a 30"(762 mm) locomotive & tender 
with a 23" 584 mm) coach, whose body sits on a gondola, giving storage room. It still retains 90% of the paper details, and shows moderate playwear.

Of course, I couldn't leave a post about a major American train auctioneer, without finishing with a train. This set is "somewhat rare" for its large size, considering it too is a centenarian (111 years old). Converse was a busy company at the beginning of the both century and late 19th century but didn't succeed as well as the other toy  companies of the era (Hubley, Arcade, Kenton…).

 If you visit either the Nette Auction website, or Liveauctioneers, you can view the many listing for today's auction.

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