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Thomas Toys, Inc.- Kingsbury Replacement Airflow Parts

Monday, January 18, 2016
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Thomas Toy Parts:
Kingsbury Replacement Toy Parts

   Yesterday, I posted about the Kingsbury and Cor-Cor companies who happened to manufacture the Chrysler Airflow automobiles.  Although the "real" car never made it as a successful seller, and sold no more than 4000 cars, it's toy counterpart sold tens of thousands of cars. 

   Furthermore, these Kingsbury and COor-Cor cars  were made large with wind-up mechanics and battery-operated lights. Unlike smaller toys which parents could easily throw out or give away without children noticing (I should know), a 14.4-14.6 inch toy ( 368 mm - 420 mm) length toy is hard to dispose of. As a result, many of the original toys are still around to this day, some 82 years later!

   I decided to add 2 pages from the Thomas Toys, Inc. catalogue. Please not the that this 2 pages are from a 2000 catalogue, and the prices are obsolete, and should not be looked at in terms of cots for 2016!

The Cor-Cor and Kingsbury toys are in strong demand, and at auction, a very-good to excellent toy car can receive easily $1000.00-$1500.00 US dollars. Toys that are of lesser-quality, are great for restoring, especially, when a company such as Thomas Toys, Inc. have parts to supply to restorers.
The other good factor about these larger toys, is that they were well-built, and are easy to dismantle and reassemble for someone with a good (not excellent) standard of hands-on work.

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