Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Have You Any Idea How Much This Toy is Worth?

Tuesday, January 12, 2015
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Have You Any Idea How
Much This Toy is Worth?

   I received an e-mail over the weekend from Paula Lind. There were just 3 photos and a request to offer my estimate as to how much the toy was worth. I wrote Paula back to say that if she sent me more photos, then I'd add a post for her, and perhaps one of my readers could help out.  SUre enough, Paula sent me more photos, and that's today;s post.

    I did a bit of work on the photos to better expose them too show the details, especially in the shadows.

The one thing that I forgot to ask Paula is the size of the toy. Paula also wrote to say that she thinks the toy is a Hubley, and that is is designed after the Chrysler Airflow. If Paula is correct, then that would place the toy around the late 1930's, since that is when the Airflow was manufactured. 
The Chrysler Airflow was a beautiful car, but was never a success. It was made for a few years and then production was stopped. 

One thing about Paula's toy is that it has wood wheels. COuld it also have been made around the late 1930's and early 1940's when America went to war (WWII)? In that case, wooden wheels would have been used to save on metal, since metal was needed for the war effort/

I intentionally left the out-of-focus (camera movement) photo below as part of the images that Paula sent. I like the "sense of  motion" that the blurred image conveys.

Also, the truck is missing its' rear door.

If anyone out there can help answer Paula's question about the value of the toy, both I and Paula would be very grateful.

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But for today here it also is:


So that's it on this Tuesday, January 12, 2015. Snow is expected to fall in Montreal later today and tomorrow, but the good news is that the weather will remain somewhat "warm". Of course, "warm" is all relative as to where thou live. In Florida or Australia, Montreal at this time is "freezing", but in Alaska, or Canada's NorthWest Territories, Montreal is having a heat wave!

** Update (January 12, 2015 evening)

I did some cursory searching and I think that this toy is a Wyandotte oil truck, rather than a Hubley. It's pressed steel, and was most likely made in the late 1930's or early 1940's.  I found similar Wyandotte trucks to this one, but not the same one. The exaggerated fenders and wheel wells are characteristic of the Wyandotte cars and trucks of that era.
Paula informed me that this toy was her uncle's who was born in 1932. THe length of the truck was also about 8" long ( 203 mm). 

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