Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Nice 1900's Dayton Hill Climber

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Nice 1900's 
Dayton Hill Climber

I decided to visit Copake Auctions Inc., a great resource for bicycles. However, this time I was searching for toys. Amazingly, I found a nice toy that was photographed on white. I like white because it's easier to photograph on white, the toy is presented at its' best, and it's clean.


Dayton toy company hill climber with figures
Circa: 1900's
Length: 14 1/2"   368 mm

I always like how Copake Auctions includes a Coca-Cola soda can
 as a reference to the size of the object.

For a toy that is at least 110 years old, it's still in great condition and undoubtedly works

The 2 photos above illustrate what is called a friction wheel (Hill climber). 
The rear fire engine wheels turn a resistance wheel that slowly builds 
up a strong rotational movement (in one direction).

When the toy is put down, the energy will again be transferred to the rear wheels, 
and the toy will be able to climb a hill even at a steep 30-40 degree slope.

The Dayton toy company is one of the few companies that produced 
these friction wheel (hill climber) toys. Most other toys of the time 
were wind-ups, or simply pull toys or toys that moved on wheels.

This is one of the few American toys that's readily identifiable by it's movement mechanism. There were also several other companies in Dayton that produced similar-propelled toys.

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