Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wood Toys from Pook & Pook

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wood Toys from
Pook & Pook

   I've been returning to people and companies who have helped me out in the past. SO when I was looking at my posts, I found Pook & Pook,Inc.

The History of Pook & Pook

"The firm of Pook & Pook Inc. was founded in 1984 by Ronald and Debra Pook. Located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, approximately thirty-five minutes west of Philadelphia, Pook & Pook’s offices reside in an old stone inn built in 1761. The auction company grew out of the Pook’s antique business, which they had started a decade earlier in the same location. Right from the start, the auctions at Pook & Pook were a draw for major museums, estate representatives and serious collectors."

Wood toys have always been popular among children and manufacturers as well. From early history, wood, a readily-available natural material could be used.

 A "pull toy" is a toy that is either pulled with a stick or a long piece of cord. 
Before wind-ups and electricity, many toys that were not played with by hand, could be pulled.

You can see several pull toys in the 2 following photographs.

Even in Japan and other countries around the world, there are wooden toys.

The 2 larger horses and a donkey (mule) are also pull toys. THese happen to be made of lithographed paper images glued on to wood. 

The clown and chick toys are "animated" when they are pulled. THe clown swings and moves his weight, while the young baby chicks are in a pulling "tug-of-war" for the worm. 

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Fort Magic said...

The woodwork is so interesting and the toys remind me of visiting Pennsylvania as a child. Some of the simplest toys inspire the greatest level of imagination in children.