Friday, February 5, 2016

Beautiful Marbles

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Beautiful Marbles

 Dan Morphy auctions will be having a toy auction on March 4-5, 2016. There are the usual toys, but also on hand will be a fine collection of marbles. I don't know anything about marbles, expect that we all played with them as kids. However for the connoisseur collector, these marbles are serious toys with some hang very high prices!  

 I selected a small grouping of 6 times going up for bidding, but you might want to visit the Dan Morphy website to see the rest. These are really quite interesting collectibles when you read the descriptions of them.

Above and below: 

Marbles hand-made from natural stone, then painted or sponged.

The marble below has an estimated final price at auction of between A$ 800.00 - $ 1200.00 US.

The marble below has an estimated final price estimated to sell at between $ 1000.00 - $ 1500.00 US.

The marbles below are handmade.What always fascinated me is how the maker got the
sheep inside the marble, centred it and then was able to create a round marble!
 I had (I think), several of these types of marbles called onionskin. I assume they're called that because of the fine layers of colour throughout the marble.

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