Saturday, February 6, 2016

The "Buddy L" Outdoor Railroad

Saturday, February 6, 2016
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The "Buddy L" Outdoor Railroad

   It's always surprising to find new discoveries, and the Bertoia Auction for March 16, 2016 is no exception. Up to now, I did not know that the "Buddy L" company had made railway cars. But today, I found out. And these are large, such that they would be played with outdoors.

The provenance (where the train comes from) is from the Jay Schoedinger Collection. What's interesting to note is that these toys were built approximately near the time of the "Great Depression", so they must have been expensive to purchase, especially during such hard times.

The locomotive and tender below are rare  and measure 43" (1.092 M) in length, and were meant to be played with outdoors

The caboose below are rare  and measure 18 1/2" (470 mm) in length,

The railroad flat car below measures 20" (508 mm) in length,
The Outdoor Railroad yellow tanker car # 1003 below, measures 19" (482mm) in length.
 The Outdoor Railroad orange box car # 1002 below, measures 20 1/2" (520mm) in length.
It was manufactured circa 1925-1931.

The black railroad car (gondola) below has decals that read "70826", 
and the length is 20 1/4" (514 mm). The manufactured time was circa 1927.
It's certainly good to find a new toy after having written over 1100 posts, and today was no exception. If you take a look at the actual listings, I'm sure you'll find some toys that you haven;t seen either.

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