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One of the Great Sources for Old Toy Parts

Wednesday, January 13, 2016
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One of the Great
Sources for Old Toy Parts
(Thomas Toys)

   When I used to buy toys on ebay, I'd occasionally buy toys with missing parts or broken parts. I figured that I could then write posts about repairs, and of course, I'd be able to buy toys at a discount. Of course, being Canadian, and living across the border from the USA,wasn't much in savings. There is shipping, tax collection by Canada, money exchange (now 32% with the exchange fee), and shipping.

    The positive in buying toy parts for repairs is that I had lots of fun making repairs, and I got to meet some very nice people. Two of the very nicest people that I have met are Mr. Julian Thomas, the owner and his daughter Julieann. Their son, Loren forms the third member of the quartet, of people,followed by Mr. Robbie Roberson, the husband of Julieann. I always enjoyed speaking with
all of them, and they were of course very helpful in identifying the toy parts that I needed.

Below is an e-mail that I received from Julieann Roberson 

"Hello Stacey, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you but its hard 
for my Dad and I to come together sometimes and I wanted him to read 
your blog. Just have a couple corrections; Julian Thomas actually 
formed Thomas Toys 11 years before he retired and he retired from GM 
with his full 30 years and pension. Our staff here at Thomas Toys is 
made up of Mr. Julian Thomas, Mr. Loren Thomas(his son), Julieann 
Roberson(his daughter) and Mr. Robbie Roberson(his son-in-law)
Thank-you for thinking of us and we are looking forward to talking to 
you again. Hope you are well these days. Julie @ Thomas Toys"

   If I couldn't find a part in the catalogue, I'd send some photos to the Thomas' and then phone them. I always received the orders fast and never was there a mistake. All of the Thomas' certainly knew their toy parts!

I could only find a 2000 catalogue, so please excuse this. I'm sure the latest 2015 or 2016 catalogue is more up to date and has the latest toy parts and better presentation. By the way, I just decided to check out their website, and it's much faster and nicely organized.

Please note that the catalogue posted here is a 2000 catalogue and of course the prices are outdated!

Below: A sample page of tires. THe Julians have metal, rubber and even wood tires and wheels.

When I was buying parts, I could buy the smallest Tootsietoy propellers 
or the larger Hubley propellers!

Lots of people grow up and actually keep their toys. They have fond memories of their days of yore playing with them. AS such, when parts are missing they want to "restore" the toys to workable condition (but of course never to be caught playing with them!).

Below are just some of the cast iron parts available for "really old" toys.

And of course,  if you like motorcycles, there are the Hubley collection of parts…...

Of course, children would lose parts such as those from fire trucks. Ladders were meant to be removed and placed against houses to save the "imaginary people" in the burningbuilding. But talking about saving, the Julians have plenty of ladder replacement parts……..

Not all of the 2000 catalogue has photos or drawings. As such you have to look at the front page directory and sometimes you'll come across a descriptive written page.  AS such, you'll have to read what you want. Just to be sure, I'd recommend photons the Julians for help and to be sure that you are ordering the right part. And as I mentioned earlier, you can always e-mail them.

I hope that I have helped some of you with today's post. Occasionally I receive e-mails  asking me where to find toy parts, and Thomas Toys is among several that I always recommend very highly. 

Thanks for dropping by,
and as always,
have a great part of the day or night,
wherever you may be,

Stacey Bindman


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