Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Kilgore Seagull Airplane Toy

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Kilgore Seagull Airplane Toy

                                                   “KILLGORE SEAGULL” CAST IRON AIRPLANE.

A great, most realistic airplane manufactured by the Killgore Company of Ohio. The company had wonderful detailing with the simulated ribbing to the cabin area, simulated passengers within the windows and the wing itself being partially flat and ribbed embossed “Seagull” and even adding a seagull in flight on the left & right wing tips. This particular airplane appears to have been modeled after a Vickers Submarine Seagull Navy Plane of the 1930s vintage. Obviously the toy manufacturer took a little artistic license and eliminated the second upper wing, most likely due to production costs. SIZE: Wingspan is approx 8-1/8″. CONDITION: Overall very good plus with some chipping mostly on corners of wing or tail fin

If you read the description or compared the Wikipedia photos to the 1930's Kilgore toy, you'll see that there are differences. Basically, one wing is missing. As the James D. Julia description writes, 
the toy was manufactured with 1 wing only to save production costs (and costs to the consumer).

Interestingly, the American toy was modelled after a British airplane.

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