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A Google Search Discovers "Antique Toys"

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A Google Search Discovers
"Antique Toys"

   I was searching on Google for "Old Antique Toys", when I found another listing for "Antique Toys".  The reason for my search was to see how high in the "rankings" my own website would be. It came up third which isn't so bad and "Antique Toys" came up either first or second.

   Being a writer, and naturally being "inquisitive", I decided to visit this other antique toys site.This proved to be a resourceful and valuable asset for reference, and I had to write the owner and find out if I might add a post about him. His name is Ed, and I'll have to ask for his family name, bout for now, at least, I was able to get permission to write about him and his excellent website.

Ed's  website is multi-facetted. 

1.  a blog
2. A Resources portion
3. Merchandise for sale

Below is a screen-capture of the blog section.
There are many posts, so you can peruse the posts to select what you'd like to read.
 The posts are well-written and informative,and of course come with photos.
It's places like this that help collectors find resources to learn about toys.

 Cast iron A.C. Williams fire truck, 
circa 1920's
Length:  7.5 inches  190 mm

The company made several versions and different sizes for their fire trucks.

I like the way Ed takes lots of photos to illustrate his listing to customers.

Once again, we see a nice array of photos. Of interest is the photo presenting a short story on this particular airplane construction set. For those who are unaware, many American toys during wwII were made of wood due to the war effort. Metal was a priority for the building of arms, so wood resources were used instead.

Below is certainly the focal point of today's post, and certainly the listed price does father your attention. I only presented  4 photos, but as you can see, there are plenty to feature this magnificent toy.

Marklin is more famous for their train sets and boats, but this outstanding carriage with the accompanying horse certainly is very rare and a treat. Again, Ed takes lots of photos to present the listing and the features as best as possible to the reader.


This particular toy reminds me of the category of collectible called the "salesman's sample".
A salesman's sample was a scaled-down model of real household items that was used by salesman to
sell their merchandise across America (and I'm sure in other countries). The scaled-down model was accurate in all aspects and movements. Although not toys, these items are high in demand. One of the best sites that I have ever found is the:

 James D. Julia website.

As a toy, the detail and reproduction quality is excellent, and certainly would have been a great toy for any youngster to have played with. It certainly wasn't a toy for everyone, and only the well-off parents would have been able to purchase such a toy for their children.

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