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A Kenton 1920's Firetruck

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A Kenton 1920's Firetruck

   Of all the ebay sellers, OpAmerica Toy and Bank Museum (OpAmerica) is one of my favourites. They always have interesting merchandise for sale, but its' their written descriptions in depth, as well as excellent photography that makes them so outstanding. Not only that, but they always add plenty of photos for discerning potential buyers to carefully look at the merchandise.

1920's KENTON Cast Iron Toy Fire Pumper 14-1/2" Long

I am pleased to offer this Antique Kenton Cast Iron Red Toy Fire Pumper Truck that comes with two cast iron firemen figures. Appears as the 1920's model marked KENTON TOYS KENTON, OHIO; may be missing string hoses. Visible paint chip wear present on vehicle and firemen figures from play throughout; red color is visible yet faded throughout. Light spot marks present on frame of vehicle. Oxidation present on metal parts. Some dust and/or dirt throughout. Wheels function well. 
A great antique fire pumper!
Measurements: approx. 14-1/2" inches long x 3" inches wide x 7-1/2" inches in height.
(368 mm x 76 mm x 190 mm)

What's interesting about the toy is the fact that it is a replica of actual fire trucks that were around at the time. Interestingly, there were no fire hydrants or underground piped water supplies at the time in most cities in America. As such, the firetrucks had to have their own supply of water and/or use the boiler to pump up the water pressure in order to extinguish the fires. 

Even in 1920's there were still horse-drawn fire carts with boilers, and interestingly one could still buy toys based on the horse and wagon style fire wagon!

This particular toy is actually quite large.At the time most cast iron companies would make the same toy but in different sizes. As such, people with different budgets would be able to purchase toys for their children.

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