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Mr. Tom Sanders Continued: The Best of Two Worlds

Friday, January 15, 2016
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Mr. Tom Sanders Continued:
The Mix of Two Worlds

   Whenever I write a post, I always send an e-mail to the person or company that I am writing about. I let them know that their post is up, and that they should proofread it. I let the person inform me of any spelling or content errors, and if any content should be changed or removed.

   I did this for Mr. Tom Sanders' post yesterday, and he graciously wrote back and thanked me for the blog entry. However, what Tom also did was provide me with content for today's post.

   I forgot to mention that Tom just doesn't restore toys. He is an "artisan extraordinaire" when it comes to restoration, but his major forte (strength in French) is receiving custom requests from clients from all over the world.  What these clients do is ask Tom to create specify combinations of toys, written mementos, and add additional content to create either a wall decor or a tabletop item. As you will see below, he creates "works of art" for people who have had fond memories of times past., or just want to have a memento of where they might have worked in their past.

Tootsietoy Prototype # 12 Lumber Truck with Tandem Trailer
Owner:  A Forestry Lumber Museum in Belgium

Buffered and Lacquered Clipper
(Personal Collection)

Custom Wyandotte B-24 Prototype.
What Wyandotte almost produced!
(Very rare)

The Marx "Minutemen Project - Update:
This was a USAF (United States Air Force) Aerobatic team in the 1950's.
The project will include 5 Marx Sabre Jets and a Marx "C-54" support Aircraft

Aviation Scale Models Projects 
AN A.C.Rehberger cast metal model of the Boeing B-314 Pan Am Atlantic Clipper, 
of which it is only 1 of 10 known to exist. THe airplane came on a clock, but the client
wanted a more Art Deco look hinting of the Pan AM style.

Battle of Britain Project:
This will include a custom stand to display the artifacts and the airplane model.
All of the artifacts are from a squadron in the RAF (Royal Air Force) in 1940.

As you can see, Tom has been quite busy restoring toys, but simultaneously finding models that can be combined for people who have cherished memories of times gone past.

Tom's passion for his work is certainly exemplified with the work that he creates for his clientele who want to have memories of  long ago - the best of both worlds.

I certainly enjoyed writing this post, thanks to the material that Tom Sanders sent me. You can surely see Tom's passion for wanting to share his work band many talents with everyone. 

Thanks Tom, and continued success,

Thanks for dropping by on this cold winter day,
and as always,
have a great part of the day or night,
wherever you may be,

Stacey Bindman

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