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The Finest Auction of Dolls on the Net!

 Saturday, January 30, 2016
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The Finest Auctions 
of Dolls on the Internet

   When I first started to search for auction companies, I found James D. Julia- an exceptional New England (U.S.A.) Auctioneer. They sold toys, art, antiques, and my favourite - the salesman's sample.  As of last year, the toy division (and I assume dolls as well) has been sold to Dan Morphy Auctions.

   You can still visit the James D. Julia website and have a look at their past several years of all auctions, especially the toys and doll auctions. 

   I'm not a doll afficianado, but when I first saw the dolls at the James D. Julia website, I was amazed. My sister  had dolls, but these were "average" dolls from the toy stores. The dolls that I've seen on the James D. Julia website were for true collectors and museums!

Unmarked bisque socket head with inset blue glass eyes, closed mouth with slight smile, pierced earlobes, multi-stroke eyebrows, mounted to a separate bisque shoulder plate, attached to an all white leather body with mitten style hands, gusset joints at the elbows, hips and knees. She wears her original blonde mohair wig with upswept braids over a cork pate, and wears an ankle length one piece walking dress made of a periwinkle taffeta with braid trim, matching hat and newer black cloth shoes. SIZE: 14″ (35cm). CONDITION: Head and shoulders very good (extremely tiny, less than 1/8″ red firing flaw at back neck socket). Body relatively firm considering its age, but shows typical discoloration and wear."
*Description Courtesy of James D. Julia

One of the feasters that appears on the James D. Julia website is a rotating view of certain listings. What this feature does is allow the item (in this case a doll) to be rotated slowly in a 360 degree rotation.  This allows viewers and potential bidders to see the item in its' entirety.

This doll is by no means the most outstanding or most expensive. However, its' features certainly caught my attention with all of its' grandiose and eloquent detailing.

If you visit the James D. Julia website, you'll be able to see an 
unbelievable collection of dolls that went to auction in 2015.

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