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The Chrysler Airflow

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The Chrysler Airflow

The Ford Edsel is always described as a "dud" and failure. It was a nice car, but never succeeded in the marketplace,and was eventually removed from production. Few people of ever hear of the Chrysler Airflow, but this was also a beautiful car, doomed to fail and be written up in the history books. It was a marvellous car for its' time, but alas, the time was wrong for the car. 1934 was still the Great Depression time, and the public for whatever reasons, aside from money, never were inspired by the car. It was produced for a few years, and sadly laid waste to the scrapheap, and made to be a simple footnote in automobile history.

Below are 3 fine examples of the Airflow made by the Kingsbury toy company (New Hampshire, USA). The Kingsbury company existed from the 1920's-1950's and eventually went out of business. It reincarnated into an ultramodern, state-of-the-art company that is still in business in 
Keene, New Hampshire, USA).

Some of the models  had battery-operated headlights, and as well wind-up movement (clockwork movement), and nickel-plated bumpers and grilles. As well, the cars are quite large for their time, considering that most toy companies produced smaller cars. As well, being the 1930's, cast iron toys of the Chrysler airflow were still being produced.. However, the glorious era of cast iron was soon to be replaced by pressed steel, and  eventually lithographed tin. 

Although the Kingsbury toy company (USA) made many of the cars, the Cor-Cor company also made a few as well. Both companies existed in the 1930's and later, and produced superb pressed steel cars with nice features such as wind-up mechanical movement and electric lights.

Another fine pressed steel toy made by the Cor-Cor company.

If you do an Internet search for the "Chrysler Airflow", you will bring up many fine photographs of this car. It's too bad that the timing was off in the production of this car otherwise perhaps, and wishfully so,  it might have been more successful.

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