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And of Course- Marvellous Restorations

Thursday, January 14, 2015
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And of Course,
Marvellous Restorations

    I wasn't looking to find Mr. Tom Sanders while I was browsing on ebay, but I did. I was looking for a toy that someone asked me to identify a few days ago, and I think I found the answer - it's a Wyandotte oil truck, and estimated to be worth anywhere from $ 30.00 - $ 70.00 depending on the condition.

   However, I happened upon a fine Wyandotte seaplane and the name of the store (on ebay  happened to be ohmyflyguy. Wait a minute, I said to myself, I think I know who that is. Sure enough, I did a search for toy restorations on my blog, and lo and behold, I had found Mr. Tom Sanders - an old friend from a while back who helped me with my blog.

I can tell you from my own experiences with toy restorations that Tom is an expert. He has knowledge, experience, patience, and of course skills. He make my work (check it out on my blog) look like elementary school quality!

The photo below is the same one as the one above. I just did a fast photo-edit to remove the orange colours. This also helps to present Tom's masterpiece in all of its splendor.

If you do a search for  "Wyandotte China Clipper", you will be able to see what these toys look like without a restoration.

Of course, the question many of you will have is why would anyone want to take an old toy and restore it or purchase it? The answer is subjective (personal). Some people prefer the "as is" condition, while others prefer restored. In the "real world"  of old cars, it used to be that old cars were more valuable restored. Nowadays, collectors are starting to purchased old cars in found condition- go figure!

As for Tom Sanders, he has lots of work  scheduled to both sell and restore old toys for collectors.

That's the way it is -some people like them old, and some people like them old but restored.

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Stacey Bindman



Sandman Overhaul said...

Excellent presentation as always! I can give you an answer to that question, what to buy restored or original? If we are talking about airplanes whether models or toys, my experience is that many collectors whom are also pilots, always select the airplane that appears pristine. After questioning many of these clients, the universal reason is that they would never attempt to go airborne in anything that looks worn or shabby which, in their eyes, is unsafe. Most pilots are innately disinterested in unsafe airplanes. Oddly enough this factor also affect those pilots who collect in other areas, especially those focusing on transportation.
Tom Sanders

toysearcher said...

Hello Tom,

Thanks always for your help in providing me material to write about you
and your fine custom-made airplanes.

And thank you, especially for adding this comment, when you have so much
other work to do.