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A whole Lot of Hubley Cast Iron Motorcycles

Wednesday, February 2, 2016
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A Whole Lot of Hubley
Cast Iron Motorcycles

   Yesterday, I introduced everyone to a fine auction from Morphy Auctions (March 5-6, 2016). That post contained a nice assortment of early Fisher-Price toys. However, included within this auction are Morphy Auctions famous marble listings, and a great grouping of Hubley Cast Iron Motorcycles.

   What's interesting about the Hubley motorcycles is that these "heavyweight" cast iron toys were still being manufactured when new and better methods of toys were both being imported and replacing the cast iron toys. The Hubley company never really changed until the later 1940's to adapt to the new age. 

   THe Hubley line of cast iron motorcycles were of course pull toys. A string would be attached to the front of the toy, and the toy would be pulled be hid the child. What made these toys still so desirable and collectible was that they were finely crafted after the original motorcycles of the ere - The Harley and the Indian brand names of motorcycles. Each one was hand painted, and would come with either metal (nickel-plated) or rubber tires.  ALso, there were a lot of motorcycles at the time relative to the benumbed of cars, and motorcycles were used for delivery and the post office, as well as by the police forces across the United States.  Roads were not the best, and many roads were in fact still dirt roads across the great and vast United States. Being smaller and more versatile, these machines could easily outmanoeuvre the cars of the day. Also, the horse and cart were still around in abundance in the 1930's and somewhat later.

Helmets at the time were very rare. If there were any they were made out of leather. Also, clothing for the weekend motorcyclist was more "sporty" than functional. I like how this "gentleman is all dressed up, even with his "derby" hat.  And f course, he does;t wear any goggles!

Below is the police version of the Indian ( a brand name motorcycle of the era) motorcycle.
THe officer is suited up in a uniform, and he actually is sporting protective goggles. Notice the string attached to the front of the motorcycle. This is for the child to pull the toy, hence this type of toy is called a "pull toy".

 Below is the USPS (UNited States Postal Service) version of the motorcycle with its side cast.
 Below is another variation of the delivery cart. This cart is open in the back. It's an earlier version of the Hubley motorcycle, and comes with nickel-plated tires.  

For today's post I've selected just 4 examples form the large array of motorcycles. If you like these toys, please venture over to the link that I always add under the auctioneer's name (In this case Morphy Auctions).

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