Monday, March 4, 2013

My Early Toys from E-Bay

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Early Toys from E-Bay

   At the start of this blog, I was buying and selling old toys on E-Bay. I had initially thought of E-Bay just to keep busy. However, Later, since I liked to write and take photos, I started the blog. However, since I was on a limited budget,  the most expensive old toy that I purchased was about 
$ 250.00 U.S.

  I have photos of  my own photographs both on Flickr and Picasa. The "problem" with Picasa (AKA Google) is that they will take and post other peoples' photos that are not mine from my blog.

(Please click on the above to go to my flickr photos)

(Please click on the above to go to my flickr photos)

   The toys today are from the 1920's-1960's,and were all bought and resold on E-Bay. At times, being a photographer, I'd "get fancy" with my lighting . That was more for the blog, than for E-Bay. Photography is getting much better on E-Bay, but at the time, that wasn't the key factor for buyers to purchase your item. As of this writing, and from last summer (2012) E-Bay now provides 12 free photos for each listing, along with magnification. The quality has got better, since there is a lot of competition to sell similar items! For myself, I will look at the photos, and check the history or ratings of the seller, before I bid on an item.

   I'll post more photos tomorrow, since as of today, I'm "caught up" with postings. I have my post for tomorrow,and I'm waiting and waiting, for people to reply allowing me the permission to use their photos. 

  So today, is just a small sample of my photos. Now you might better understand when I write, that I appreciate good-quality photography. I take nice photos because that's my profession, and I like to present the item properly.  Most of the people from whom I use their photos, do it for good business and to present the item honestly. Either way, the viewer benefits.

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