Friday, March 8, 2013

Structo - The Indesctructable Toys!

Friday, March 8, 2013


   Two brothers named Louis and Edward Strohacker started up the Structo toy company in 1908. The company made Erector Construction Kits up until 1919, whereupon they switched to toy cars. In 1935, the company had  Mr. J.G. Cokey buy a majority share.IN 1975, when Mr. Cokey died, the patents and the business were purchased by the Ertl Company, most renowned for their toy farm machinery.

   The Structo toys were made of heavy-gauge steel, and as such have lasted until now. The toys are still popular, and their larger models toys fetch in the low 4 figure ranges easily.

     As you can see, these toys are in quite good shape for being between  75-90 plus years old.  They were solidly built both in terms of the body,and the axles and wheels. Also, most of the toys are large! Nowadays, they're collected for display, whereas once upon a time, they got plenty of workout by children who were fortunate enough to receive these toys, especially during the Great Depression years!

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