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CMC Classic Model Cars

Tuesday, March 20, 2013
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CMC Classic Model Cars


   On Monday (March 18, 2013) I received  great news. I would be permitted to use the photographs of a model maker company  located in Germany called CMC GmbH.  The CMC stands for Classic Model Cars. I wrote about Mr. Marshall L. Buck on February 19, 2013, and recently about Pocher

  A "model"  is totally different from a toy in the sense that it is a collectible item, and not something to be "played with". Also, most companies making models warn the owner not to allow very young children to play with these items,or to get too close to them.  They have many small metal parts and other materials that could easily be swallowed, or broken off.

  After I had discovered Marshall L.Buck, an exceptional and talented model maker when I first learned about this "new world". From there, I was hooked, and have been writing bout models, as well as old and antique toys.

The Company : 
CMC Classic Model  Cars

   CMC established its own factory in Stuttgart, Germany in 1998. The company is headquartered there, and crafts their excellent products in China.  Lots of research and effort is made before any model is finally destined for production. Accuracy attention to detail are synonymous with CMC, and they have been very successful in the manufacture of these cars. their high-quality has led to many awards from various associations around the world. You can easily find that information at their site.

   The company produces a range of scales from 1:12 (very large in the model world)  to 1:18, 1:24, and 1:43 (the smallest). Assembly is carefully done by hand,  and involves "on average" 1200 parts!
Recent items such as the Mercedes SSKL (M-055) have increased to 1,888 parts, an astronomical amount of parts for any item!

   The parts are made from stainless steel, copper, or aluminum, and can also be made of zinc alloys. Quality paint is used for the body finish, and certain parts may be made from leather, textile, or carpet, depending on the part or areas in question.

   I'm not going to present my usual number of photos, because, that I'm going to save for later posts.  However, with today's photos,you will see the superb quality, detail, and photography that this company had placed in their product. 

  There is one final piece of information to mention with regard to these models. There is lots of information about the original cars that these models re made from. That is fantastic, if you like to know what the original car was all about!

Please enlarge these photos to see the unbelievable detail that goes into each and every car. I'm unable to present these photos larger, since Blogger doesn't allow the writer to change templates. Consequently my 362 posts all have to be in the same layout and design!

I decided to post today because this company and website are so interesting.

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