Saturday, March 2, 2013

Buffalo Road Imports - Some Conrad Models

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Buffalo Road Imports
Some Conrad Models

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    Conrad GmbH (Germany) is a German company that manufactures very fine diecast scale models.  These models range from commercial transport trucks to mining equipment and stationary large cranes. Most of these models are in the 1:50 scale. That means that if the model was 6" (152mm), then the real machine would in fact be  6" x 50 (25') or 152mm x 50 (7.6M).  Many of these models (not toys!) are purchased by people who are actual drivers or machine operators of these heavy -duty and large-sized items.  Prices can range from below $ 50.00 U.S. to $ 1500.00+ for the extremely large cranes. These cranes can take hours to assemble and stand 5' ( 1.6m) high!

   I've been fortunate to fine a site (Buffalo Road Imports) who actually takes their own photographs of most of their items.  It's been a bit hard to actually get some of the large manufacturers to return e-mails and give me their permission. I have to especially thank Mr. Brandon Lewis, the president of the company for his permission.

     It's amazing how realistic these models appear.  I'm sure that when movies are made  that require machines to be demolished, these fine toys, as well as those from other companies are used.  I can see why professional truck drivers and heavy-duty  machine operators would want to have a model that they work with every day! The largest machine that I worked with for a small time was a fork lift. I could handle it at low heights, but when I had to lift a palette 40 feet above me and place it on a shelf, that was an entirely different manner.  When you consider how large some of these machines are, you realize that the professional that operate these machines make good salaries, but deserve every penny they earn!  When I go on my roof to clean the eavestrough (rain gutters) of leaves, I get "concerned", and that's only 20 feet off the ground!  Imagine operating a crane 300 feet off the ground - in my dreams !

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