Monday, March 18, 2013

Antique Paper Toys

Tuesday,  March 19, 2013

Antique Paper Toys

     If I've learned anything from writing about toys, it's that you can never make assumptions, and you'll always be surprised. Last week, I came across a paper toy. Of course, some toys are not 100% paper, but have lithographed paper on wood or cardboard. Other toys have paper with metal.  But the fact is that companies chose to use paper as a material for toys.

    My surprise is that most of the toys that I saw on Live Auctioneers and then at Bertoia Auctions is that almost all of the toys were in very good condition!  I know that I've seen plenty of puzzles (lithographed paper on thick cardboard) at garage sales. But, how often do people assemble a puzzle once it's been assembled once?

    It's hard to believe that these toys have not only lasted all these years,but that they haven't faded that much, and the paper hasn't separated from the  cardboard or wood backing. I'd like to know what glue they used? I know that whenever I've used that glue that glues anything, the only things I've managed to glue were my eyelashes shut on 1 eye! Fortunately, I was able to pry them loose!

     What's interesting about  the toys below is that many of them couls have been made of metal, but were in fact made from paper.

      All I can say is that these toys are certainly amazing both for their original choice of material,and for the fact that  they are  beautifully illustrated. What's also interesting is that 2 of the toys could be used for storage.

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