Thursday, March 28, 2013

Modern Era Die Cast Farm Machinery Models

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Modern-Era Die Cast 
Farm Machinery Models

    Spring arrived last week, so I'm sure farmers around the world are busy doing something. I thought I'd  post today about farm machinery. I don't know what I'm more impressed with - the actual models or the "real" machines.  The models have so many parts, and some of these items weight up to 5 pounds ( 2.3 Kilos). Yet price wise, they';re not as expensive in cost as the large-sized earth movers or cranes. The farmers certainly are getting a great deal here (they like to collect farm machinery models)!

    It's hard to believe that about 102 years ago, most farming was done with horses, and now almost all farming is today done with machines. Of course, there are  some groups of People who still use horses (e.g. Amish, Mennonites). 

The  machine aboive is called a "seed drill". What it does is to make holes in the soil, and then drop  seeds precisely in the  holes. However, these machines are very precise in order to plae the seeds at exact increments and distances fromeach other.

The Gregoire  Besson is a tiller that "churns up the soil before planting. 
The company is French.

The Class Volto 1320 T is a machine called a "tedder". What this does is to fluff up hay after it has been cut. The fluffing or aeration allows the hay to dry faster in the sun, before it will be arranged ir narrow long piles. At that point a baler will come and form bundles (bales)  of the dry hay.

The machines above and below will make bales (piles of hay) so that the hay can then be stored in barns.

 The Kuhn SPV 14 mixer wagon must be extremely popular as a model. When I did a search, all I got were die cast models, whereupon, I had to add the word "farming" to the search. At that point I found the "real" machine. What this machine does is to mix different food that would be used for feeding cows on a dairy farm.

    As with everything else in the world, farming has become big. The farms are larger, the herds of cows are larger, and the machines are larger. All of these have led to bigger production of crops and produce such as milk. When you go to a supermarket these days, it's unbelievable how many different dairy products there are form around the world. As well, I never even heard of yogurt 55 years ago, when I was an adolescent. Nowadays, yogurt is extremely popular in North America. Of course, with the larger farms and production, as well as population growth in North America, more uses for dairy products needed to be created. I also forgot to mention 1 more thing. Today's 2013 cow produces lots more milk that here great-great-great grandmother 100 years ago!

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