Friday, March 22, 2013

Universal Hobbies -Great Scaled Models from France

Friday, March 22, 2013

Universal Hobbies
(Great Scaled Models from France)

   Yesterday was a great day, because I had received an answer from Universal Hobbies (France) with permission to write about them, and of course use their photographs. I had written the company a while back, and a nice woman by the name of Camille Boujon from their Marketing Department had written back to say that I had the OK.

   As you know, I had decided about 2 months ago to introduce modern-era toys and models to my blog. In searching, I had found Universal Hobbies from France. First and foremost, I liked their photography, then their well-desinged website. But I also liked the different models that they had.  They  are an official seller of  Komatsu models, as well as a line called PPP, and of course their fine line of models. For today, I'm presenting a diversity of their Universal Hobbies and 1 PPP model.

    I couldn't find a history page for them on their site, so I will have to write Camille Boujon back. I like their slogan or motto - "For those who prefer the finest", and when you see the photos below you'll know why their motto relates well to their products. I'm sure they also have a French motto similar to the English one.

    The scales of the models are 1:12. 1:18, 1:32. 1:43. and 1:50, and so although there is plenty of detail with all the scales, the larger scales really show well. Most of the models are die cast, and some are die cast with plastic parts.

Excellent Detail!
What I like about older machines and models is their simpler construction. My friend purchased a 1963 Dodge Valiant a few years ago.When we opened up the hood (bonnet in Great Britain),  you could see right to the ground!. Nowadays, I have no idea what's under the hood in my 2008 Toyota Corolla.By the way, that 1963 Valiant was in excellent condition. I t had been driven by an older lady who I assume had had it for all those years!

As you know, I like detail in models and toys.  What I like from a model is when it's photographed well, and you can;t tell whether it's the real-life item or a model!

Here's a Citroen small truck. I've seen a few of the Citroen's smaller car here in Montreal with the canvas roll-down roof, but never this mini-truck or van.  THat colour theme is fantastic, especially with those red walled tires!

Europeans, and especially the French always like challenges and adventure. Jacques Cousteau invented the Scuba tank, French Mountaineers have always liked to climb mountains around the world, or sail around the world, or race cars all over, especially in formidable places like tat famous Sahara race. 

I like the detail in the Renault 5 Turbo.

Length:  15 1/4"    387mm

And to close off this post, here's something I've never seen - a twin engine tractor.
I'm sure it worked well as the real tractor, but I kept wondering if the frame and design could support the front engine? Could the overhanging engine with all of its weight still kept firmly in place by the design?

That detail is fantastic!

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