Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Kenton Hardware Company

Tuesday, March  5, 2013

The Kenton Hardware Company

   The Kenton Lock Manufacturing Company first started out in 1890.  Like many of the other hardware companies of the time, they produced cast iron products for the home. However, many similar companies entered the cast iron toy market, and the Kenton company joined in.  The cast iron toys ranged from toy stoves, banks, horse-draws carts and wagons, cars and trucks, and eventually cap pistols. Their most famous cap pistol was the Gene Autrey version first produced in 1938. Eventually, at one time, the Kenton Hardware Company, as it later became known as, became one of the world's largest producer of  cast iron toys.

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What's interesting about the toy above and the one below is the continuity of the cement mixer. A popular toy in the early years was redesigned and adapted to the age of the machine. 

The Kenton "Buckeye Ditcher" ditch digger is rare in 2 aspects. The first is that cast iron toys were usually not so  complex in terms if movement and design, as well as being made of 2 different metals. 
The second, is that due to its complexity in the cast iron division of toys, it's rare and usually fetches a high price at auction.

What's always interesting to see in the earlier era of toys (e.g. cast iron) that most companies would produce and sell similar models. The British double-decker bus, Lindburgh's airplane, and the Zeppelin are just some examples that can be found from all of the major cast iron manufacturers.

Above is another fine example of a cast iron airplane composed of nickel-plated iron wheels,and cast iron body. AS well, the airplane was one of the more common toys produced among all of the major cast iron toy factories of the time.

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