Monday, March 25, 2013


Monday, March 25, 2013

JeP Cars

     The JeP toy company was originally founded in Paris, France in 1899, and became known as JeP in 1929, after having merged with 2 other toy companies. Their toys (cars, trucks,boats,and airplanes) were very ornate, and complex (e.g. open and close doors), and were modelled after the famous "real" cars of the time. These included of course the French cars such as Delage, Renault, and Talbot, as well as Rolls-Royce and Hispano Suiza. The company eventually closed in 1965, but the name lives on, having been purchased buy the company Jouet Montblanc.

****My guardian angel ,Mr. Philippe de Lespinay, a collector whom I recently wrote about has helped me several times. In this case, I need to redo all of the photos presented today to their proper ID. The name of the toy company is JeP and not JEP as I have written below on all  of the photos.

I'm going to go fir a 30 km (25 mile) bike ride, and correct this later today (May 2, 2013).

I've been having several symptoms that create dizziness (when walking) and  loss of detail and contrast visually. My white dog buddy disappears on a white sidewalk on a sunny day. So I've returned to cycling to try and strengthen my muscles and heart until some kind of specialist doctor can figure out the problem!

  As you can see, the details of the cars are quite interesting.  Nickel plating on some of the grills, finely-detailed lithography on the car body, and the drivers, and the cast-iron horn (klaxon in French). Of course, having Bertoia Auctions take excellent photographs allow us to see the toys well! 

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, if you want, feel free to use any of mine:

Sylvain FM said...


I m making spare parts copy to complete all kind of French old tin toys, mainly JeP, but also others like, Vebe, Jouets Citroen, CIJ, JRD, Pinard, Jouets Francais... more than a 1000 references.
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Sylvain FM said...

I ve been using some of your pictures to help collectors to recognise toys, and I apologies, I asked you at Toymania event in Paris,but i never had your writen agrement.