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Model Train Passenger Cars

Monday, March 18, 2013

Model Train Passenger Casrs

   As far as North American passenger statistics go, North America is way down on the list . Topping the list are the Sub-Continent countries like India and Pakistan. Once upon a time, passenger trains were a necessity to North America. Today, they're not. Travel by car and by jet is faster.

    My first experience with train travel was in the 1950'd with my grandmother Lilly. My mother Ida, and Lilly were from Toronto and moved here to Montreal. I can't remember the reason why we went to Toronto, but I do remember taking the overnight sleeper. I assume that the train was much slower then.

    In the last 15 years, I've occasionally taken the train to Toronto via Via Rail. At first I figure it would be slow, but the time actually goes by fast, and I prefer it more than driving. If I book the express train, it take about the same time as a car, and the cost is slightly more than driving in my Corolla (return trip).

   As for local riding, I never needed it. I drove most of the time to work as it was only abouy 8 KM (5 miles) to my College, where I taught. It's not like the suburbanites fromConnecticut who ventire each day to NYC and wall street or the Fortune 500 firms.

   Our local (Montreal and environs) municipal train system is AMT. I see it in the morning pass near my house at &:30 A.M. when I'm walking Buddy Our dog), and at about ^:30 PmM. or later coming home while Heidi and I are eating supper. Buddy is under the table getting "treats"!

    Canada used to have a train that would take you from the east coast to the west coast, but that's no longer. There also was the Rockies train from Calgary to Vancouver. That too is no longer, although once in a while there are special offers for train rides through the Rockies. For those who don't know, the Rocky mountains are to Canada as the Alps are to Europe.

   It's a real pleasure and "treat" to have companies like AmbroseBauer Trains LLC allow me to use their photos. This is more so, when the quality of the photography is excellent and the files are large.
 That's it for today, and I'll be going to AmbroseBauer in the near future for a post about rail cars.

It turns out that railway shipping has not dwindled but has increased over the years. Mr. Warren Buffett even bought a railway line and system about 4 months ago.  He must know something! 

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