Monday, March 25, 2013

JeP - Their Airplane Toys

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Their Airplane Toys

   When I originally found the JeP (France) company,  there were plenty of cars,a few trucks, some boats, and lots of airplanes. As I started to screen-capture with SnagIt, I decided that there were too many nice cars and airplanes to keep them in 1 post. I therefore decided to separate the 2 groups of toys into 2 posts. If you want to find out about the history of the JEP company, please visit yesterday's post.

   As far as the JEP airplanes go, their beautiful, and large-sized.

If you look just behind the wing and slightly above or behind the pilot, you'll see a small lever.
It's different for different airplanes. I'm thinking that that was for assembling the wing to the mainframe of the airplane body.

If you compared some airplanes that are similar, you'll not in fact that they are very much so. The paint theme is different. However, in all of the airplanes they have either a duck (Seaplane) or a crane (e.g. above) on the sides of the body. Also, the number of the airplane is different for different models.

If you happen to be reading this post on Monday, March 25, 2013, I haven't made a mistake in the date. I posted early, and I wanted to be "ahead of the game".

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