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AmbroseBauer Trains - The Train Source!

Thursday, March 14, 2014

AmbroseBauer Trains LLC
The Train Source!

A Brief Introduction

    I should keep a logbook so that I can write down how I first came across the great resources, photos and people that I write about. I do remember though, that I kept seeing the name AmbroseBauer Trains over and over again on  Liveauctioneers. However, trying to keep writing a new post each and every day is not as easy at it seems,especially if you're like me. I like to have lots of photos, try to improve the photos if I can, and look for new sources to write about.  So trains were left as I kept writing and writing. At the same time though, I e-mailed  Mr. Drew J. Bauer a few times, and them telephoned him. Eventually, I received the go ahead! I keep forgetting that businessmen are very busy,and talking to a blogger is not their #1 priority. In Drew's case, he's busy like most other auctioneers dealing with sellers, and  he travels a great deal across the USA.

   If you go to  the AmbroseBauer Trains website, you will see a whole page of knowledge and experience on both  Mr. Paul V. Ambrose, and Mr. Drew J. Bauer.  Both Paul and Drew are train collectors and aficionados from a while back. As well, they are written books  and extensive articles on the subject.  They also act as consultants for collectors interested in starting to collect, and to build a collection over time.  Each of their listings has plenty of photographs from all angles, and they guarantee their written description to be what it is.

  By drawing on their personal collecting, as well as their business acumen, they have become the 
"nation's foremost marketplace of Lionel and American Flyer Trains"  Their slogan is "By Collectors, For Collectors".  

   I could continue, but rather than paraphrase and write, I would recommend that you go to their first page and read  the extensive history and material about this fine company. Both Mr. Paul V. Ambrose and Mr. Drew J. Bauer have well-written their story and commitment to their customers, and that says it all!

(Please click on the above address to be redirected to their fabulous website)

   I'm going to have to do lots of reading about trains, as I have to admit I don't know much on the subject. I do know that there are different gauges that  that are used to express the different relative sizes of trains. But that's it.However seeing all of these old trains is a real "treat" and a history lesson. Many of the "real" trains have log since been decommissioned, and there are only  small percentage in museums. However being able to see these trains is fabulous.

   If you like nice photographs of trains, and being able to see many different models and from different eras, then this is the place to go to!

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