Friday, March 15, 2013

Oldtoystoreusa - An Excellent E-Bay Store

Friday, March 15, 2013

(An Excellent E-Bay Store)

     I'd been searching for someone who would help me out with my next post - the Pocher Toy Company.  My Montreal contact fell through (Ugh!), and so I was still a searching. I did a search on E-Bay, and found the Oldtoystoreusa store.  I wan in heaven, as they say. So I wrote the store, and heard from Mr. Gary Hunt. With a brief note, I got his permission.

    However, I thought to myself, where are my manners? I'd written about stores before,and then wrote about the "treasures" that I had permission to write about. So I wrote again to Gary Hunt back, explained that I would like to write about his store first, then the Pocher Toys (wait until tomorrow when you see these!).

    Whenever I want to bid on an item on E-Bay, I check the track record (feedback) of the seller.  Of the 1041 transactions that I've had on  e-Bay, I can say that 99.5% of the people are outstanding sellers, and easy to deal with. I only ever had 2 slightly negative dealings, where I the customer was not satisfied. So that to me says a lot about E-Bay, and the people there.

   Gary Hunt's feedback record is A++ after having been on E-Bay for 12 years, and  close to 59,500 transactions. E-Bay is hard work, and of you can stay there for 12 years, that certainly says something about the store, and more so about the owner!

   Although I found the Pocher model cars,I saw plenty of very nice items that I had not seen before, and a company that I hadn't heard of before. That's on Gary's E-Bay store. However, Gary also has another store on the Web located at www. There, you can find some very interesting items from the 1960's and a whole slew of interesting other items. I'll show you them later on.

   I've only selected cars and trucks, but Gary has all kinds of items that he's sold and has currently at auction. If you venture on to his E-Bay store, you'll see a marvellous variety.

    This was a very post today. I found some interesting items, an excellent E-Bay store, and best of all, Gary Hunt, who was able to help me out on  my blogging adventure.

Thanks for dropping by,
and have a great part of the day,
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